1 時間を表すit

☆ 次の英文を日本語に直せ。

① What time is it now? ─ It is eight thirty.

② Is it eleven o’clock? ─ Yes, it is.

③ It is seven to eleven.

=It is eleven fifty-three.

④ It is half past nine.

=It is nine thirty.


① 今9時ですか。─ いいえ,ちがいます。

② 今5時半ですか,それとも6時半ですか?─ 5時半です。

③ 8時3分です。(2通りで)

④ 11時58分です。(2通りで)

2 曜日・日付を表すit

☆ 次の英文を日本語に直せ。

① What day of the week is (it) today? ─ It is Sunday today.

② What day of the month is (it) today? ─ It is September 12.

3 天候・寒暖・季節・距離などを表すit

☆ 次の英文を日本語に直せ。

① It is very warm today.

② It isn’t fine this morning.

③ It is cloudy this afternoon.

④ How is the weather? ─ It is rainy today.

⑤ Is it cold in February? ─ Yes, it is.

⑥ Is it hot or cool in fall? ─ It is cool.

⑦ It is spring now.

⑧ How far is it from Tokyo to Hakata?

─ It is about one thousand kilometers.

【問い】次の英文について,それぞれ(   )内の指示に従って答えよ。

① It is in summer now. (誤りを訂正して正しい文にせよ。)
② It is Saturday today. (下線部を問う文を作れ。)
③ It is January 1 today. (下線部を問う文を作れ。)
④ Is it rainy or snowy today? (下線部を問う文を作れ。)
⑤ How is the weather today? (「雨です。」と答える文を作れ。)