⑴ 副詞や助動詞は文の要素ではない。

① He runs fast.

② I will go to Australia next year.

③ There is a pen on the desk.


⑴ 《S》=《C》の関係になる。

⑵ 《C》は名詞または形容詞で,be動詞とbecomeだけが補語に名詞と形容詞の両方をとる。

① I am a student. /  I am busy.

② He became a scientist.  / He became famous.

③ I t is getting cool.

④ She looks happy.           参考:She looks like a happy girl. →この場合のlikeは前置詞

⑤ I feel sad.


⑴ 《S+V+O+状態・様子+場所+時》と続く。

① I study English.

② I study English hard.

③ I study English hard at school.

④ I study English hard at school every day.


⑴ toで第三文型に書き換えるグループ…give,tell,teach,show,send,lend,payなど

I give you a present.=I give a present to you.

⑵ forで第三文型に書き換えるグループ…buy,make,cook,get,sing,leaveなど

Will you buy me a bike?=Will you buy a bike for me?

⑶ ofで第三文型に書き換えるグループ…ask,begなど

May I ask you a question?=May I ask a question of you?


⑴ 《O》=《C》の関係になる。

① We call him Taro.

② They named her Hanako.

③ My mother made me a doctor.

④ What made you sad?